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Welcome to Australia's biggest and most updated Australian Scuba Diving resource on the web - now running on it's very own dedicated server.

This is your one-stop-site on the net if you are after anything to do with Australian Scuba Diving. If you are considering learning to dive, then we have a big area on that just for you, it tells you everything you could want to know about Learning to Scuba Dive. It's also the home of the new sport of Australian Extreme Underwater Ironing.

Australia has some of the most diverse dive location in the world and this site tries to give you detailed information about a large number of those locations. Australian scuba diving can be done in such amazing locations as the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, to giant kelp forests in the cold waters of Tasmania. Australian scuba diving has some of the best wreck dives in the world as well as action packed shark cage diving amongst the Great White Sharks of South Australia. Australian scuba diving has something for everybody, no matter what certification level they may be, from Open Water right through to deep Trimix and cave diving and lets not forget the ever-growing numbers of rebreather divers.

Dive-Oz has been online now for 15 years and 125 days now and just continues to get bigger and better all the time. This New Version of our site is the biggest and best yet with plenty of new areas to view and plenty of new info in relation to Australia scuba diving to read.

We have all the latest news from both Australia and Overseas, as well as information on New Products and updates on existing gear, but that's not all, we also have news on Books & Videos, Photographic and World Eco News. We have extensive info directories in the areas of Dive Shops, Dive Boats - Day Boats and Liveaboards, Dive Clubs, Dive Sites, Wrecks, Caves, Piers, Dive Buddies and Independent Instructors.

If you are looking for information on New Gear, then our new Product Review area may give you some guidance on what's around at the moment.

We have very active Discussion Forums on the site, sometimes controversial, sometimes humorous, but always informative and entertaining! Your are welcome to register and participate in the many subjects that are being discussed in there. Our Buy, Swap & Sell section of the site is always busy, and you never know, you just may find yourself a bargain, or sell some of your unwanted dive gear.

We have one of the best resources on Nudibranchs, with an extensive Gallery of Nudibranch Images, plenty of information and a very popular Nudibranch Newsletter that comes out each month.

Our latest Creature feature area is on the Grey Nurse Sharks or Sand Tiger as it is known in other parts of the world. We have extensive information by in this area from an expert in the field of Grey Nurse Sharks, so it's well worth the time to have a look. The Grey Nurse shark is under very heavy pressure at the moment and is on the verge of disappearing from the Eastern Coast of Australia.

Our expanding Underwater Photographers Gallery is growing all the time, go check it out, there are some amazing images to behold! Our U/W Video Gallery is also expanding as well and is well worth a look.

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