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Viewing - Wattamolla-National Parks wildlife reserve
DIVE SITE NAME:  Wattamolla-National Parks wildlife reserve
LOCATION:  Wattamolla Senic Reserve (NSW)
DIVER RATING:  Open Water    
MAX DEPTH:  9 Metres AVG DEPTH:  5 Metres
Dive the to The Royal National Park, Sydney south. Follow the main road through the park (you will need to buy a ticket if you intend to stop and stay-if you intend to continue driving through the National Park then you don''t need to buy a ticket!).

Follow the road till you pass the Bundeena turn off and then the take the very next left (only some 700meters up the road)!. Follow to the end of the road and park as close as you can to the toilets... there is a upper car park which may ultimately prove to be closer in the long run. You access the dive site by heading down to the lagoon and walking along a trail to the sea (east)

AS the beach is protected by the headland there is no need to check the site out before you gear up, as long as the seas are normal not overly rough, there will be no shore break. I say this as it is a bit of a walk in and out. However if it is your first time here, it is always a good thing to check out where to go and how far it is, as you might not like to dive it once you find out how far you have to walk...! it''s about 700 meters, reasonably flat walk.
This is a really nice night dive but just as interesting in the day. Which is not real interesting compared with other sites, but it makes a nice change to the same old sites. It is really good for beginners. The sand line meets the rocks at the side of the bay and just heads east out to the point and then it curves around to the north before going out to sea proper.

Here there is a little hole or scour point and is about 9 meters deep. You''ll always find black and white stripey''s here at night. From this point in the dive you can go out around the point into the southernly swell or navigate across the mouth of the bay to the northern headland, before turning west and heading home to the beach. At night the brilliant white sand reflects the moonlight very well and a beautiful dive without torches in the shallow and protected bay can be very romantic with the right company... Enjoy.

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