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 Underwater Photography
 Underwater Photography - Post processing
 Photoshop help to adjust photo
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Dive-Oz Supporter 2008

4135 Posts

Posted - 09 April 2011 :  08:44:42 AM
I have had a request to use the below photo in a forthcoming book on algae and invertebrates. Can't say it is one of my finest photos but it apparently suits the purpose for the the book.

I am happy for the photo to be used but it bothers me a bit that there are some bright flash highlights just off centre of the photo, particularly on the orange ball sponge and behind it.

I am a fairly 'low end' user of Photoshop Elements (ie I usually just click the various 'auto buttons') and I am not sure how to soften these highlights. I have tried the 'Darken Highlights' slider, but it doesn't help that much and tends to degrade the overall image if I overdo the efect.

I am having a bit of a try with the 'Healing Brush' at present to see if I can 'replace' the burnt out areas with a more natural look.

Anyone got any suggestions? If there are any photoshop gurus out there that would be prepared to have a go on my behalf let me know and I can email the original full quality photo to you. Since it is intended for publication it is important that the image quality remains high.

Thanks for any advice!


Dive-Oz Supporter

1220 Posts

Posted - 09 April 2011 :  09:53:28 AM
Hi Dave,

I can have a bit of a stab at it for you if you want.

I don't use Elements, but I have been using Photoshop for longer than I care to remember.

The dodge/burn tools are going to be your best friends here. The dodge tool looks a bit like a lollypop and the burn tool looks surprisingly like a hand giving the OK signal.

Burn is the one you want. It will allow you to darken specific areas without effecting the rest of the image. You want to select highlights, set the right brush size, set the flow at about 5% and paint away carefully (on a copy or copied layer so you don't bugger the original). I'd also suggest working on individual colour channels so it doesn't go grey (blue channel should be the starting point for this one).

Then you might need to burn in some extra shadow detail, and adjust the overall levels and colour balance.

You can send me the high res and I'll have a stab for you if you want.

Just doing a very quick tweak I on the low res, I got this:


Dive-Oz Supporter 2008

4135 Posts

Posted - 09 April 2011 :  11:49:47 AM
Hi Link,

that looks great! Much better than what I was able to do. I am not sure if the PM facility is working properly on this site at present so I will post an email address on here that I don't normally use, so it won't matter too much if it gets spammed:
david_rnhrd at yahoo dot com dot au

(so just change 'at' to '@' and 'dot' to '.' and send me an email so I can get your email address)

Thanks heaps! Very much appreciated!

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