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 Divers trapped 70 metres down in ship
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Dive-Oz Supporter 2011

2759 Posts

Posted - 23 October 2011 :  5:24:24 PM
This from the Herald Sun:


Dive-Oz Supporter

Yellow Box of Death Diver
1793 Posts

Posted - 23 October 2011 :  5:58:27 PM
that sounds like a nightmare... what happened to chambers being attached with explosive blots...

600+ Posts

692 Posts

Posted - 23 October 2011 :  6:21:46 PM
That would be horrible.

Dive-Oz Supporter 2011

2759 Posts

Posted - 23 October 2011 :  8:37:17 PM
My concern is that the gas management to the chamber is probably computer controlled, which could be problematic underwater. The divers would know how much trouble they are in, it just sounds like a movie plot. Hope we get a good outcome from this, but it will take a miracle.


Stealth Diver
30+ Posts

103 Posts

Posted - 23 October 2011 :  10:28:03 PM
Doubt they had time to reverse valves if it went down so fast (hands over chamber control to divers). They would (i would imagine) have manual over-ride for the computers however remaining gas supply and CO2 levels would be the biggest problem if they were able to blow the chamber down. Poor ****ers.... Tragedy

Tassie Diver
Dive-Oz Supporter

382 Posts

Posted - 24 October 2011 :  02:16:39 AM
I want to know why they were unable to tranfer under pressure into the self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat. The DSVs I've supported have had a SPHL. In fact my whole reason for being there was to support the SPHL if the ship sank. So many questions...

As much as we bag out comm divers, this is sad.



Stealth Diver
30+ Posts

103 Posts

Posted - 24 October 2011 :  07:11:04 AM
"The vessel apparently went down nose first with such speed that the crew did not have chance to issue a distress signal."

Maybe no time to TUP?


Edited by - Stealth Diver on 24 October 2011 07:15:07 AM

Dive-Oz Supporter

Victor Harbor, South Australia
918 Posts

Posted - 24 October 2011 :  6:01:26 PM
Perhaps you Com guys could explain it, but what I have gleened is that these guys were in the onboard compressed vessel (living quarters) that is fixed to the ship, for living either between dives or during decompression phase.

When they go for dive the transfer to dive vessel under presure and back and forth.

There is supposed to be a pressurised escape boat, but couldnt get into it due to speed of sinking.



Stealth Diver
30+ Posts

103 Posts

Posted - 24 October 2011 :  7:24:32 PM
They live in a "Saturation System" which is essentially a series of chambers which house divers at a storage depth. Their tissues are "saturated" with nitrogen and because they do not change depth (within parameters) they can work for hours (often 8hr shifts) at depth.

The Saturation system "Sat system" is attached to the boat and divers travel to and from their working depth using a "Bell". The bell is pressurised to the same pressure as the Sat System and attached to the System. The divers(3) transfer to the bell for their "run, bell run", door closed and once seal is confirmed the divers travel in the bell down to working depth. The bell is lowered by a winch and is guided by a wire on each side. On the bottom of the guide wires is a "clump weight" which helps stabilise the bell and also acts as a backup recovery system if the main winch fails.

So thats the very basics on SAT.

As far as life boats are concerned...
A) "the boat went down so fast that a distress signal was not sent"... thats bloody fast! How long does it take to send a MAYDAY

B) Time to prepare the life boat, attach to system, achieve storage pressure, move divers, detatch, launch takes time!

C) Im not being racist... but... This IS India. It is not what I would call world class Safety.

This info might not be 100% correct but it is to the best of my knowledge. Anyone is free to add to or correct any statement I have made :)

New To Forums

26 Posts

Posted - 25 October 2011 :  8:46:27 PM
First heard about this on Friday (inside the industry) - very uncool

Stealth Diver has the basics of it right....

Of course this is only speculation until (if) a report is released, but todays new version of it is that the ship went down so quick (was known to be on the bad side of dodgy to start with) that the bell actually got separated from the rest of the system resulting in a near instantaneous rapid decompression......
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