Location: Cannae Point
State: NSW
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 10mtrs
Max Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 5mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: This is a boat dive, so anchoring south of the large flag pole on Cannae Point will have you at the right place.
Description: This an easy dive, basically just moving in towards shore until you find the rock / sand line. Then go southerly exploring all the nooks and crannies as you go.

There are all the usual Sydney reef fish here, plus a few unusual sightings, such as tiny juvenile weedy seadragons and blind shark. Keep an eye out on the sand for stingarees, flathead etc. Under rocks you can find hingeback shrimp, and little hiding from sight. Sessile growths are a little sparse in places, but close examination reveals a great variety of tiny critters, like cling fish, basket stars, pigmy leatherjackets, etc.

Continuing on, you can find more depth, but this becomes more of a swim dive than I personally like.

This is a great night dive site, or for those who either want or need to take it easy and 'smell' the sea tulips.