Voo Doo

Location: Kurnell
State: NSW
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 8mtrs
Max Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Access Type: BOAT/SHORE
Directions: By car, drive out to Kurnell on Captain Cook Drive and go right onto Sir Joseph Banks Drive. Go to the end of the road and take the narrow tar road - it has LOTS of speed humps. At the end of this 'road' is a car park. Stop and gear up here. By boat - dunno!
Description: This site can only be dived from shore in calm weather, and not in a southerly.

After gearing up, walk from the car park to the water. You'll see a bay, and on the left a largish rectangular rock pool that is fronted by 4 or 5 large rocks. Enter the water in the pool and go out between the 2nd or 3rd rock. Swim like crazy to get out of the surf zone and into calmer water. There is a gutter to follow out towards a place where the waves are breaking, Doughboy Head roughly 250m. (You may see surfers there)

Here are the options: drop down and dive along the gutter - lots of nice stuff to see along the way. Snorkel out to just past the breaking bommie and drop down - go either east or west. East there are apparently lots of wobbies and PJs in more gutters and rocky formations. Going west gets you close to a formation nicknamed 'The Arch' by swimming over a wall into the next gutter and turning right.

This underwater arch is the size of a good garage and usually has schools of fish sheltering in it, swimming through and lots of interesting things growing on the floor, walls and ceiling. Look up and watch the surf from underneath! If there are surfers there, you can catch the action from a unique perspective!

From the Arch, it is possible to go further in a northerly direction, or go southerly and follow this gutter some more. Sighted here have been wobbies PJs, morays, lots of the usual reef fish, nudis and sponges. The viz always seems to be good here.