Fairy Bower

Location: Manly
State: NSW
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 6mtrs
Max Depth: 8mtrs
Average Visibility: 8mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: At the end of Bower Lane Manly. Try to park as close to Bower Lane as is possible. Kit up and walk down bower lane and enter off the small beach next to the cafe.
Description: Fairy bower is a rocky reef that runs between Shelly Beach and Manly. The site can be split into two halves, to the left (north) of the entry point, and to the right (south).

To the north: swim out from the beach to a depth of around 5m, you will see a bouldery reef to the north. swim to the reef, and follow it out to sea (east) when you reach the sand line at the edge of the reef, follow it round to the north. this route takes you around the edge of the reef, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore on the reef so be sure to take your time. after about 20min heading north, you will start to feel surge, this is because you are heading around the point to manly, it is advisable to turn around at this point. and follow the reef back to the south. the exit point is easily recognisable as you reach the end of the reef and turn right (west) and you end up on the beach where you came in.

To the south: swim out from the beach to the east until you hit two concrete pipes, have a look inside you often find a pj or a wobbigong. head north and there is a kelpy reef that heads to Shelly beach.

life: the life is definitely more prolific to the north, common species are giant cuttlefish, wobbigongs (under rocks), lots of reef and schooling fish, Sydney's trademark blue groper and occasionally juvenile dusky whalers. there is even rumour of a turtle that is often sited.

The site is also an excellent night dive, where it is not uncommon to see pj's, estuary eels, giant sea snails and squid.