Tweed Heads Rivers

Location: Tweed Heads
State: NSW
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 8
Max Depth: 14
Average Visibility: 9
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Pacific Highway onto Boundary Round onto Coral Street. The parking lot on the right just before the Air Sea rescue Building is the place to park. Access to the water is via either the little beach just south of Duran Bar Beach and alternatively via the concrete "stairs" beside the floating Air Sea Rescue moooring at the start of the car park.
Description: The Tweed River makes a final bend before exiting to the sea over the Tweed Bar. This final bend has two openings for the jack Evans Boatharbour with the stairs being on the edge of the northern opening. The bend, lined by man made rock walls, continues further to the opening of the small beach and the bar 25m further on. The Tweed River needs to be dived as close to slack tide as possible, with the high tide being the best for visibility. Enter via the beach for a long drift dive on the incoming which will carry you along the wall, past the stairs, the Jack Evans Boat Harbour and down to the hospital. Enter via the stairs for a shorter dive along the Boatharbour wall and down to the hospital. If you time the tide right you can enter via the beach or stairs with only a slight incoming current which can carry you gently along the wall and after a short pause will deliver you back to the stairs or beach on the strengthening outgoing tide. The Tweed River can be relied upon to surprise you. Regularly spotted are, moray eels, pineapple fish, all sorts of rays, lion fish, shrimp and prawns, crays, octipus, eel tail catfish and the regular shcooling fish ie bream, tailor, whiting, sweet lip and bait ball cat fish not to mention the dolphins and turtles that occasionaly come to visit. This is an excellent night dive venue. With the help of reasonable visibility you can easily navigate back and forth along the wall and marvel at the diversity and activity that darkness brings. There are several dive stores in the vicinty for sales, spares and advice not to mention the regular (resident) DiveOzians that frequent the site on the weekend high tides.