Queens Reef

Location: Redcliffe, Brisbane
State: QLD
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 5mtrs
Max Depth: 5mtrs
Average Visibility: 5mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Dive site is located on the Redcliffe Peninsular about 20min north of Metropolitan Brisbane. Once on the Peninsular continue to head North East following the foreshore. Continue along Redcliffe Esplanade until you hit Queens Street. Queens Street is a dead end stopping at the Water line.

There is ample parking for up to 5-10 cars. The beach foreshore is on a gentle gradient with plenty of grassy area to gear up and a public shower for cleaning gear afterwards. From the shower look more or less west and there should be a white buoy visibly bobbing around no more than 50m out (kindly placed by local dive shop Aquatic Wonders). This marks the spot. Descend directly under the buoy and a dive site ye shall have. For buoy location please refer to attached photo.
Description: This dive site is made entirely of small shells / sand, coffee rock and heaps of sea grass. Although there is larger stuff to see, turtles on occasion it should be treated as a macro dive and a bit of a treasure hunt.

Redcliffe is one of the oldest areas in Brisbane and as a result all sorts of bits and pieces have found their way on to the reef over many years, golf balls are a regular find as the locals usually in a drunken stupor often tee up on the beach and belt them into the water. The dive site itself it relatively shallow with about 5 - 5.5m max depth.

On most dives seeing more than a handful of fish is a rarity however I have had people swear they have seen small sharks and Loggerheads on a good day. This site is rather weather dependant with storm water runoff drains close by. I suggest winter as always for maximum vis however beware this is not for the weak with water temps regularly dropping to as low as 14-15 degrees.