Name Location State Average Depth
Hole In The Wall Marion Bay SA 10mtrs
The Bluff Victor Harbour SA 7mtrs
Wyalla Cuttlefish Whayalla SA 4mtrs
Broken Bottom Glenelg SA 11mtrs
Second Valley Second Valley SA 5mtrs
Aldinga Pinnacles Aldinga Reef SA 13mtrs
Seal Cove Althorpes Island SA 8mtrs
Haystack Reef Haystack Island SA 18mtrs
Seawolves Cove Marion Bay SA 10mtrs
CD's Bommie Marion Bay SA 20mtrs
The Whale Bones Victor Harbour SA 5mtrs
Wedge Island Yorke Peninsula, out of Pondalowie Bay SA 15mtrs
Stanvac Dump Pt Stanvac Refinery SA 10mtrs
The Tyre Reefs Glenelg, Noarlunga, Grange SA 15mtrs
Ewan Ponds Mt Gambier SA 5mtrs
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