The Dropoff

Location: Aldinga
State: SA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 18mtrs
Max Depth: 21mtrs
Average Visibility: 20mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: In the Aldinga Reef conservation park, line up the LH outlet pipe, with the green shed, and the antenna, and follow the sounder. The top of the reef is at 5 metres, then it goes STRAIGHT down to 21 at the sand. (Hence the name)
Description: The Dropoff is an amazing dive. The wall is vertical, from the sand at 20-22 metres, straight up to the top of the reef, in 4-5 metres...

There are big cracks in the wall, big enough to swim into. The fishlife on the edge of the wall has to be seen to be believed.

Big schools of Drummer, and Trevally. Blue Devils are almost common there, as well as all the usual suspects: leather jackets, old wives, cuttlefish, Magpie Perch, Harlequin Fish, the list goes on.

The odd cray can be seen, but remember it is in a marine reserve, look but don't touch.