Haystack Reef

Location: Haystack Island
State: SA
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 18mtrs
Max Depth: 22mtrs
Average Visibility: 20mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Haystack Island is the Island off Marion Bay, that looks (kinda) like three haystacks. Smuggler Charters (in the dive boat listings) run regular trips out of Marion Bay from November through to May every year.
Description: The reef is approximately 500 metres off the shore of the Island, running parallel to it. It is basically a big wall, running the length of the island, (more than a kilometre), with the sand at 22 metres, and the wall going up to about 10 metres in some spots. There are caves everywhere, swim-thrus, chasms, gorges, the variety of rock formations in the area is unbelievable.

The wall is so long, you can easily do 10 dives there, all in different spots. There are crayfish in abundance, and twice I've seen big (2 metres) rays, seals are quite often in the area, and are extremely playful.

The sponge and soft coral life has to be seen to be believed, it is so colourful, red, yellow, and orange everywhere. But probably the best thing about this wall, is the abundance of fish. It is a fishermans dream, and even better for the divers. Big schools of Nannagui (Red Snapper), Blue Devils, Sweep, Boarfish, Bullseyes, too many to mention.

All up, an awesome dive, but watch out for the current that rips past the island on a good day. It can be quite dangerous, so make sure you stay with your buddy, close to the anchor line, and carry a safety sausage.

Its the kind of place you REALLY don't want to be doing a free water ascent in.