Ewan Ponds

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 5mtrs
Max Depth: 10mtrs
Average Visibility: 60mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Mt Gambier. About four hours by road from Adelaide, and about 6 to 7 hours from Melbourne. Depends on the number of Macca Stops. Any one planning this dive destination allow me to encourage you to take the driving easy so that you might enjoy the diving better. An extra hour on the road on a Friday night say from Melbourne doesn't really matter when you have two wonderful days of diving in front of you.

Before planning this dive seek local knowledge re permits, and suitability of diving for the time of year you are going. Any dive shop in Mt Gambier (check the yellow Pages) will provide good knowledge of this dive site. You do not need cave diving skills to do this dive.
Drive south from Mt Gambier towards the Ocean. About 25 minutes from Mt Gambier you have arrived at what looks nothing more than a very clear dam.
Description: Well what you have amongst all of the tall grass is one hell of a dive. Gear up on the bank and jump in from the rickety old platform. The first pond is about 10 metres deep and crystal clear. (A great night dive to do is this on a clear night and lay on the bottom and look at the stars). If you must sink to the bottom and you will see why the water is so clear. Peculating through the sand on the bottom is millions and millions of litres of water per second. Anyway swim around the pond and have a good look. Best diving is about 5 metres.

Note the water cress on the sides. If hungry it can be eaten but don't be caught taking it today. (Look but don't touch)

After spending your time in this pond move to the cause way between this and the next pond. This will be the ride of your life as you cruise through from one pond to the next at about 8 knots.(about 5 kilometres per hour). Ditto second pond, and ditto on to the third pond. The first pond is definitely the best of the ponds, but each has something to see and look at. Yabbies can be found, but again look and don't touch.

This dive site is very sensitive to human invasion. It is of concern as to how much longer we might be able to keep diving it so be mindful of this when diving.

After the ponds you can ditch your gear and if you want you can follow the water way from the last pond to the ocean. Recommend that you leave on some rubber If winter and if not at least a good lycra or t shirt to protect you from the sun. Snorkel your way to the coast will fill in anything from 45 minutes to two hours depends on how much stopping and looking you do. Note this is not a swim as the current takes you through these shallow waters with the least amount of effort from you. It is suggested you send a car ahead to pick you up, as it is a 90 minute walk back to where you started!

Enjoy this dive as strictly a look and don't touch dive. Seek local knowledge about current permit requirements before leaving home. Abide by all rules and restrictions of the day so that this wonderful dive site might be there for others in years to come.