Denison Canal

Location: Donelly, near Eaglehawk Neck
State: TAS
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 2mtrs
Max Depth: 3mtrs
Average Visibility: 2mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Drive from Hobart to Eaglehawk and you have to drive over a rotating bridge when you cross Denison Canal. The dive site is right undr the bridge.
Description: Access is from the Eaglehawk side. There is a small jetty there. You have to ask permission from the Canal Master whose house is just down the road from the bridge. It is worth doing as if he has to rotate the bridge due to a boat going through the canal, then he needs to know you are under there. He had to while we were under the water.

Off the platform and into the water it is a couple of metres. You can follow the rotation support around looking at the phenomenal growth all around you. Once happy there you can follow the wooden frame of the jetty platform along the edge of the canal. there is not too much life under here apart from a couple of nudibranchs if you are lucky, decorator crabs and mussels, mussels and more mussels.

Be careful you don't go out into the canal itself, because although there is a bit of depth here, the current is quite strong and you will have problems. We were swept away by the current when we made that mistake and ended up at the boat ramp down the canal before we knew it.

It is a good site to do if everywhere else down there is blown out. I would not recommend a return visit at all mainly due to the lack of marine life we saw. However, we were informed afterwards that you can get up inside the rotation support structure and that there are crays galore up under there. Not a cray person myself but that may be incentive for others to try. The canal master can give you the goss about what to do in that case.