Point Linley Boat Ramp area

Location: Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne
State: VIC
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 8mtrs
Max Depth: 10mtrs
Average Visibility: 6mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Point Linley Boat Ramp is on Esplanade Rd, South of Mornington. This Dive is listed in the "Shore Dive" book
Description: CAUTION: FERAL PARKING INSPECTORS ! You have to have a BOAT TRAILER attached to display a Parking Fee Paid. No Trailer gets you a Ticket - even if you pay the FEE (Local Council Logic !) Drive onto the Boat Ramp car park and offload gear and then park on one of the Esplanade side streets nearby.

Gear up at the far end of the carpark, clamber/slither over the rocks and enter south of the boat traffic markers.

Snorkel west to gain some depth and drop down onto tumbled boulders, weed, some sponges and good marine life. Have seen Sea Horses, small cuttlefish etc. Track southish along the boundary of the weed & boulders and the sand, lots of holes and crevices to investigate here.

Going northish (To the marker pylon area) from entry offers 7-8 metres broken weedy reef and sand, but with some interesting small walls (1-2 mtrs high). Be aware of Boats and PWC "pests" above though.

This dive can be just as good as Mornington but without the silt, sludge and fishing line. Pleasant relaxed beginners dive.

Exit at entry point and degear or snorkel straight across onto the small beach (watch for Boat Traffic !) and walk the last few meters back to the car.