The Blow Hole

Location: Port Campbell National Park
State: VIC
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 20mtrs
Max Depth: 20mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: This site is absolutely amazing!

The weather is the big thing. If you have been to the Port Campbell National Park, you would have taken a look at the 'blowhole'. This hole has a thrust of water that stupifies the mind rushing into it. The thrust crashes into rock and reef and ends up wetting all those who spectate.

You will have to find a charter boat that travels out the front of the park and book will have to make sure it is ABSOLULTY FLAT CALM WITH NO WIND WHATSOEVER!!!!!! I can not stress this enough. When you are on the millpond (which happens about three times a year in this area) find a crack in the cliff near where the blowhole is situated (the charter boat operator will know where it is) jump in, have a look around, maybe grab some crays and abs as you will nit be able to get that close to the cliffs often, then head into the cave entrance.
Description: Swim on the surface or on the bottom through the chasm... you will see where all the big crayfish come from as the entire wall of the chasm is covered with baby crayfish just waiting to get out into openwater to get caught by hungry divers. Move up the cave and into the main area of the blowhole. Expect some dumb looks from tourists. Now... the best and most amazing bit.

DON'T STOP THERE!! If you carry on north east and into the opposite end of the blowhole you will enter a cavern that is at least 50m long and 40m wideand 20m high. dependent on the tide you can swim under a rock and end up in a toatlly sealed off room. It has a small beach you can get up on an take you gear off and feel like Jules Verne for a while... quite exciting and I would say not many people have been here.... a great dive and a great experience.