Eagle Bluff

Location: Shark Bay
State: WA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 2mtrs
Max Depth: 5mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Eagle Bluff is 30 minutes before Denham on west side the Denham Hamelin rd. The turn off is well signposted. Follow the dirt rd, for 4 km and take the left hand turnoff. If you miss the turnoff you will head up to the lookout Where you can see the site from anyway. From the Carpark go down to the beach and follow it along to the right to the base of the cliff enter here. Entering direct off the beach can lead to a bit of a wade through old seagrass drifts during summer.
Description: This is verging on a snorkel but there is so much to see scuba makes it easier. The site can be done in something of a loop. Swim out following the rubble line at the base of the cliffs. Great muck style diving with many chitons, some corals and lots and lots of fish. once you get around the other side and want to head back swim out to the sea grass lines and follow that back. Here you can see many big schools of coral trout, tuskfish and lots of other fish. Seasnakes, dugong, dophins and sharks are sometimes spotted here. There are a couple of bommies with hard corals amongst the seagrass beds.

While the rare West Australian seahorse can be found amongst the seagrass.

This site is within the General Use Zone of the Shark Bay Marine Park so fishing is permitted. Some monfiliament line occurs around the base of the cliff but the risk of entanglement is low. Check with the CALM office in Denham for further information.