Cod spot

Location: Murion Islands - Exmouth
State: WA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 16mtrs
Max Depth: 18mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: This is a popular site with charter boats operating out of Exmouth. The Murion Islands are approximately 16kms north of Exmouth. Only experinced skippers with suitable vessels should attempt to access this area as sea conditions can be unpredictable.
Description: The site features a long wall about 4m high covered in a variety of soft and hard corals. At the northern end of the wall is a sand patch which if crossed for approx 10-15m will lead to a large bommie. This is, during the season, a manta ray cleaning station. Several mantas can be at the location at any one time.

The location got it's name form the presence of several large potato cod resident here. They will often follow a diver around the site as a large school or circle them during safety stops.