10 MeterSpire

Location: Rottnest Island
State: WA
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 18mtrs
Max Depth: 27mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: South 1 mile south of West End, 32'01.966"S 115'26.405" E is for the top of the reef. 32'01.946" S 115' 26.418" E is for the cave
Description: Top of the reef starts at about 10 metres -3 small patches. Most ground at around 18 metres or so. Swim North to find large "Ampitheatre" cave which is usually teeming with fish life. Plenty of swim throughs & big overhangs. Lots of hard and soft corals.

Exposed site, so best to dive in less than 1 meter of swell with winds of less than 10 knots Large wobbegong are prevalent. Can be prone to strong S/W currents