Legendre Island

Location: Dampier Archepeligo
State: WA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 35mtrs
Max Depth: 35mtrs
Average Visibility: 30mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Leaving Dampier Public boat ramp, head north, as far as you can see to your starboard about 25nm you will see the outer islands. head in that direction.

Ledgender is the last island facing the ocean, the island is long and narrow 14km x 1 km.

The clear water starts at the West end of Legendre on the seawould side. This whole area is great diving, but light house bay is a blast. Mostly protected from the sea breeze. (just below the light house West End)

The dive starts at 5 -8m on the edge of the island and then over the first 10-20m from the island it drops with gullies and caves to about 12m.

This is were the fun starts there are lots of dropoff walls sheer to broken rocky drop offs to about 35m, the vis is usually very good and the fish life is fantastic, lots of large cod, coral trout, whalersharks, travelly, chinamen, ells, mackeral, whales, dolpins, manta rays. large sleepy sharks, 5ft shovel nose sharks, turtles and many other fish species and including a photogenic area with lots of different hard and soft corals.
Description: I dive at about the 20 27m mark and the best way to find coral trout is to look out for a large school of flag fish, these are usually farmed by a family of coral trout.

At first you don't see any big trout, but if you look you will find three or four trout around the outer fringes of the school of flag fish, these trout are like sheep dogs keeping the school hearded around there reef.

If you wait a bit and start looking at all the wonderful things that are around, soft corals small fish etc the larger trout become inquisitive and come out of there hiding spot. (they new you were coming long before you arrive)

Trout families range in the 10 -30 in numbers, they come right up close to within 3m of you if you don't look like you chasing them to shoot.

If they are flighty you know the reason.