Allendale East

Location: Allendale East
State: SA
Max Depth: 26mtrs
Average Depth: 20mtrs
Average Visibility: 30mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cave
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: Port Macdonnel Council
Access Info: Go to the Lady Nelson Center, show your card, and get the key.

Nearest Airfills: Port Mac / Mt Gambier
Directions: The hole in the middle of the road, Allendale East.

On the Port Mac road coming out of Gambier.

Description: This sinkhole used to be under the highway, on the main road between Mt Gambier and Port Macdonnel.

When it collapsed, it took the road with it! It was then filled in, and the road re-built over it, but it collapsed again, so the road now diverts around the hole!

Would have been a great dive before they filled it in. Now its fairly small. Basically a tunnel heading down fairly steeply to a very clear chamber, around the 20-25meter mark. One side passage, that leads to a very silty dead-end.

The chamber is nice to look around, but the black silt is easy to stir up. Right in the back corner, is a small hole, where divers have been digging, trying to find another room. If you shine your torch through, you can see beyond the restriction, but at this stage, its too small for even a "no mount" diver to get through.

Good dive, if a little short. Hard to get in without silting out, but the silt doesn't roll down the hill beyond about the 5 meter mark. You may have to do your first tie-off in very limited viz.