The Shaft

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 40mtrs
Average Depth: 40mtrs
Average Visibility: 120mtrs
CDAA Certification: Sinkhole
Access Type: CDAA Card
Site Owner: The cave is now owned by Trevor, Ann & Brendan Ashby.
Access Info: To dive in the Shaft you need a Sinkhole rating, and you require to contact Gary or Linda Claridge for access.

For access contact:

Linda Claridge
PO Box 15
03 5565 8793

Nearest Airfills: Blink bonney lodge, or Port McDonald
Directions: A map is supplied when access is granted.

Description: Nitrox as a diving mix is not permitted in The Shaft. Deco mixes attached to a shotline are permissible. Divers applying to dive in The Shaft must have documented experience of at least five twin tank dives. the Chamber is huge, and care must be taken with watching depth, as the water is cleaner than air.

This sinkhole has been explored by special permission to a depth of 120 meters so far, and this exploration is on going, by the same group of divers, that set the world record penetration in Cocklebiddy Cave in Nullarbor. Some of the people that dived the Shaft are Sheck Exley, Martyn Farr, Andrew and Liz Wight.

Tiny tube entrance drops down into small lake chamber with huge underwater chasm. Visibility excellent. Impressive shaft of sunlight visible in late spring, summer and early autumn.