Mud Hole

Location: Mt.Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 17mtrs
Average Depth: 14mtrs
Average Visibility: 20mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cave
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: SA Forestries
Access Info: See the Forestry department as I am not sure off the top of my head. Also see guidelines.

Nearest Airfills: Mt.Gambier
Directions: Ask at the Forestries office

Description: This is a dive you do to say, "been there done that". In the middle of a pine forest is this cave. A very small puddle entrance allows a diver with no air in there BCD to do a head first entrance to avoid stirring up the silt which is virtually impossible. Do your best. The better you do the more time you will have in crystal clear water.

The first diver needs to get in and get down so that the second diver can get in to follow asap. This cave is only big enough for two divers. Any more and a major blackout WILL happen.

The muddy silty bottom descends quickly to a vertical slot that leads down to a long flat chamber with thick dark silt covering the bottom at 15-16 meters. A quick look around and you will head back out.

On your return to the surface you will come face to face with a dark cloud of silt rolling its way down the slope. A short safety stop and you can then head up and play in the mud.

Be aware of the silt and your finning technique.