Engelbrechs East

Location: Mt. Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 7mtrs
Average Depth: 6mtrs
Average Visibility: 30mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cave
Access Type: CDAA Card
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Access Info: Call into the Lady Nelson Information Centre for the key. A once of fee of around $10.00 is payable. They will need to see your CDAA card.

Nearest Airfills: Mt.Gambier
Directions: You will find the cave just off the main road.

Description: This is a nice cave even though it is only shallow. Engelbrechs caves East and west run off from inside the sinkhole in the middle of town which make it the ideal dive to do at the end of your day.

The east cave has a board walk down to a viewing platform at the lake. The rangers here run tours of the cave at regular intervals so you may be the star performer in a tour.

When entering the water do so on the far left hand side of the lake so as not to bugger up the vis at the entrance of the flattener on the right hand side that you will soon be swimming through. (The ranger will like you too as the under water lights create a great atmosphere in the chamber and if you f**k it up it wrecks the tours for the paying customers.)

Follow the low flattener being careful not to stir up the silt and it will open up into a small maze of narrow passages. A largish air chamber will soon be found. Apparently there are some other passages leading off from here but I have not found them. Maybe I'm not looking. Shortly after this air chamber the cave comes to an end so turn around and head back out. Exit the lake at the same place you entered. The mud is deep and sticky. We found an old medicine bottle in the mud once. Other items can also be found.

This is a nice dive that I always do when visiting the mount. The worst part is climbing up the 200 or so steps to get out of the sinkhole. Be nice to the rangers and they will continue to allow access to divers.

Watch your finning technique and be careful of the silt.