The Pines

Location: Mt. Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 36mtrs
Average Depth: 22mtrs
Average Visibility: 50mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cave
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: SA Forestry. As the name suggests this cave is among a Pine tree plantation. As ar alot of other caves in this area.
Access Info: e-mail -

Nearest Airfills: Mt.Gambia, Alendale, Port McDonnell
Directions: Exit Gambier along the Millicent Rd, turn left just before Fossil Cave, and take second road on right. the cave is about 1.5km up on your left.

Description: The entrance of this cave is easy to get to which is important when you are carrying twin 88s or 100s. Park your car to the right hand side of the cave. Walk 20 meters to the water down some man made steps.

The lake is large enough for four divers to float comfortably on before descent. Once under water the cave quickly opens up to a large water filled cavity with a max depth of around 38 meters. The floor is covered with large flakey boulders that at some time peeled of the ceiling of the cave. Among the boulders is the ever dangerous black silt. Star pickets can be found to tie off on.

When down the bottom of the chamber, you will find a small log to tie on and following the wall around to the right will put you into a tight passage that leads back up towards the surface. How tight? You will see all the tank valve scrapes along the walls and ceiling, that's how tight. At about 5-6 meters there is a hole off to the left and down and to the left again. This narrow passage ends up in a small chamber with a large rock on the right hand side. Behind this rock is another small passage that leads down to a larger chamber with white walls. An amazing dive that I think rivals Pics. But then again I like Squeezy Bits. This is one of my favourites.

Upon exiting the tunnel back into the main chamber you could be lucky to be greeted by the suns rays penetrating the entrance lake. An awesome sight.

A safety stop can be made by floating up to the cave ceiling near the entrance where it is flat and around 5 meters deep and resting against the roof.

Named Pines for the pine forest it is located in, and because there used to be a fallen pine tree right across the top of the cave. Small entrance lake, first chamber goes down to around 15meters, with a back passage that follows right around, and back to the entrance. There is a small keyhole in the floor of this passage, which is Penetration rated. Cave rated divers are not allowed through this area. In here, it goes down to about 36meters.

Great dive, crystal clear water, but look out for the silt.