Goulden's Sinkhole

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 24mtrs
Average Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 8mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cavern
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: Dep't of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal AffairsPO Box 1046MOUNT GAMBIER, SA 5290(08) 8735 1177
Access Info: Permit required from Dep't of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal Affairs (08) 8735 1177

Nearest Airfills: Mt Gambier
Directions: Turn left at the intersection just before Little Blue. Follow the road, Goulden's is on the "S" Bend.

Description: CDAA Cavern Rating is required to dive this site.

Goulden's is one of the basic sinkholes in Mt Gambier, and is one of the normal training sites for the Cavern Sinkhole course.

It's one of the smaller sinkholes, but is still quite a good dive. There is the remains of a large gumtree in the middle of the top section, which is worth a look, there used to be a gnome hanging there, not sure if it still is.

At around the 16-18 metre mark, is a big thermocline. You can definitely notice it...

It gets quite silty in the back corner, as it goes a fair way back, under the cliffs. A dive buddy of mine didn't tell me till afterwards that he suffered from claustrophobia, and freaked out in the back corner... not a nice experience...

As i said at the bottom, all the dive sites in Mt Gambier, except Ewan's Ponds require special CDAA certification.

There is also a permit system required for this dive site.