Little Blue Lake

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 41mtrs
Average Depth: 38mtrs
Average Visibility: 3mtrs
CDAA Certification: Sinkhole
Access Type: CDAA Card
Site Owner: Port MacDonnell Council
Access Info: Permission not required. Must carry CDAA card.

Nearest Airfills: Mt Gambier
Directions: Drive out of Mt Gambier, past the blue lake caravan park, and turn right at the pub.

Description: A great dive as an intro to Cavern/Sinkhole Diving. Quite deep, and dark, it is easy to silt up. There are lots of things to look at, including a number of safes, and safe lids, a car, with a petrol bowser attached, abalone shells (poachers dump them there), and lots of other rubbish that has been thrown in over the years.

CDAA Sinkhole rating is required to dive this site.