Pier & Jetty Dive Site Directory - New South Wales

Diving the piers and jetties of Australia can be a rewarding dive, you can find old relics, ship wrecks, big fish action, small fish action and some stunning macro and muck diving! You local pier may only be 4 or 5mtrs deep, but hidden under the surface may be a stunning wonderland of colour and critters.

Get out there and try your local pier, just be sure to watch out for the usual assortment of lost fishing gear and of course, the fisherman who may think that you don't belong and think you are scaring the fish-life away.

Listed below are the Piers and Jetties we have listed for New South Wales, you can sort the information by the respective headings, click the site name to view the complete details.

Name Location State Average Depth
Gravel Loader Shellharbour NSW 5mtrs
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