Swansea Bridge

Location: Swansea
State: NSW
Average Depth: 9mtrs
Maximum Depth: 12mtrs
Average Visibility: 8mtrs
Construction Material: Steel
Access Type: Public
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Just follow your nose to Swansea NSW. Its well signed from the freeway and once your are on the old Pacific Highway you cant miss it. The bridge is on the northern side of town, but best access is on the southern bank on the inland side. Hmm some might need a compass...

The boat ramp makes it a doodle of a dive and its right across the road from the Aqua Zero Dive shop, the resident experts on the bridge and other local sites.

Description: From the surface it just looks like an old draw bridge that used to feel 100% of the Highway traffic heading up or down the coast, the traffic has reduced with the Freeway but people still drive over it with no idea of what lies below.

The Swansea bridge is one of the best dives in the area. It was voted a top 10 Jetty Dives in Australia in 1999 and if you have dived the bridge, you would have to agree.

Swansea Bridge is built across the entrance to Lake Macquarie, the largest salt water lake in Australia. This dive is usually done on slack tide as the currents can get pretty strong. If you happen to miss slack tide the Swansea Channel Drift dive is the best in Newcastle.

The Swansea Bridge is a haven for all types of fish, including many species of tropical. It also has a wide range of invertebrates and macro life. On your typical dive some things you will run into include:- hundreds of Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, a wide variety of colourful soft corals and sponges, Moray Eels, Blennies, Catfish, Lionfish, Pineapple fish, Octopus, Butterfly Fish . Seahorses, Anglerfish ,Wrasse and Rays.

Swansea Channel is sheltered from large swell and rough conditions, so even in wipe-out weather the bridge is still a fantastic dive.

The Swansea Bridge is a shore dive with extremely easy access, due to the boat ramp placed almost directly under the bridge.

Excellent for social diving or a family day out. Many divers travel from Sydney, which is only one and a half hours away, to dive the Swansea Bridge. Definitely worth a trip!!