Tumby Bay Jetty

Location: Tumby Bay (Approx 50Km's Nth of Port Lincoln)
State: SA
Average Depth: 5mtrs
Maximum Depth: 7mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Construction Material: Timber
Year Built: 1908
Access Type: Public
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: On the foreshore at Tumby Bay. You can't miss it. About a 30 minute drive north of Port Lincoln. Shops nearby. Nearest air is Port Lincoln.

Description: Straight jetty (347m long) jutting out into the calm waters of Tumby Bay in the southern Eyre Peninsula.

Access is very easy as large steps and a platform on either side allow you to roll into the water if you wish.

I have only dived it twice (in September) and the weather conditions were not good (strong winds) and despite this the Viz was excellent and there was no current whatsoever.

Pristine seagrass and weeds on a sandy base, sponge covered pylons. Amazing conifer like sea grasses rising 1 - 2m from the seabed. Great invertebrate life and plenty of fish (cowfish, wrasse, old wives etc). On the night dive I saw two leafy seadragons (one was very large), seahorses and even a very rare striped pyjama squid. If you like Edithburgh jetty you'll like this!

A very nice easy dive and I would say quite reliable even in average weather.