Wreck Site Dive Directory - New South Wales

Australia may only have a short history of just over 200 years, but in that time hundreds of ships have been lost around the entire circumference of its shores. Many vessels of all shapes and sizes have been lost, some are nothing but rusting scattered piles of metal, others are remarkably completely intact.

Not all ships went down by accident, we also have many wrecks that have been scuttled for various purposes and today, now have created great dive sites.

Wreck diving in New South Wales has a rich and varied selection of wreck dives to suit any level of diving, from open water to extreme deep diving levels of experience, New South Wales has it all.

If you are into BIG wrecks, then you will want to book a dive or two on the Ex HMAS Adelaide which was scuttled in 2011 on the Central Coast of New South Wales, about 90 minutes or so north of Sydney.

Have a look through the wrecks listed below, you can sort them by their various headings, to view the wreck details, click on it's name.