Location: Terrigal
State: NSW
Date Sank: 1927
Vessel Type: Coastal collier
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 50mtrs
Average Depth: 50mtrs
Average Visibility: 12mtrs
Diver Qualification: Extended Range
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: 3 nm due East of Terrigal, the marks are very easy, I also have the GPS fix, Just call in to Terrigal Dive for more information
Wreck Description: I first dived this wreck in 1968. It had been found by local fishermen who caught a net on it and was dived about two years previously by Stan Clarkson with Arrow Diving. They put a charge alongside the boiler to gain access to the steam condenser (the only thing worth salvaging) and failed, the boiler fell onto the condenser. In 1968 the ship was almost intact, apart from Arrows stuff up but over the years has deteriorated to be a collection of twisted plates winches and anchors at the bow, with just ribs sticking up from the sand back to the boiler. Astern of this the remains of the engine room, all exposed, twisted plates that formed the stern and the cast iron prop. If this had been bronze it would have been blown off.

The wreck, other than the depth, is a safe dive. If the viz is ok there are no penetrations, the wreckage is fully contained within the site and is only surrounded by sand so its difficult to ge lost. there is some old net on the bow so be careful of entanglements. It is a very pretty site with lots of fish and the wreck itself covered in a yellow soft coral. Terrigal dive frequently has a buoy on it but don't mistake this for fish traps markers which have LFB numbers on them.