Lady Darling

Location: Off Mystery Bay, Narooma
State: NSW
Date Sank: 1880's
Vessel Type: Wooden sail and steam powered
Construction Material: wood/steel
Max Depth: 30mtrs
Average Depth: 30mtrs
Average Visibility: 25mtrs
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Go out with a charter from Narooma
Wreck Description: A great dive. The wreck sits on the sand in 30m. It lies in the channel between the mainland and Montague Island and was on the bottom for over 100 years before being rediscovered.

The site is subject to strong currents and you might have to attempt this dive on several trips before you can actually get down on it. Be persistent, it is worth the effort. Descending down the mooring line gives you a great view, if you have time and conditions are good swim out onto the sand 15m and look back at the wreck.

The life on the wreck is phenomenal, millions of yellowtail, bullseyes and wobies. Sponges extrordinair. The wreck consists of the ribs and collapsed deck boiler etc. It is not a penetration dive just a swim around and about and being overawed type. Winter seems to be the best time to get onto it. Perhaps because it is surrounded by sand on the occasions I've done this dive the visibility has been very good. I can't believe nobody else has rated this dive. It's truly brilliant. The operators usually take you to dive the seals at Montague as the second dive