Location: Little Bay Sydney
State: NSW
Date Sank: 1902
Vessel Type: Collier
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 51mtrs
Average Depth: 50mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
Diver Qualification: Extended Range
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Ask around.
Wreck Description: This is a deep wreck that can be subject to strong currents which can make it difficult to get down. The Kelloe was a iron steamer that did various coastal runs carrying coal etc. She was built in Sunderland in Great Britain in 1866 and was 50.2 mtrs in length, 8.6mtrs wide and had a draft of 4.5mtrs. She left the South Bulli jetty at Bellambie on 13/5/1902 with 15 crew aboard.

Disaster struck when there was a collision between her and the Dunmore. No lives were lost on the Kelloe in this accident. Today, she rests in 51mtrs of water on broken reef. She has flattened out apart from one section of the stern near where the rudder is. Her huge boiler and the smaller donkey boiler are 2 of the dominant features. Towards the bow, there are two large anchors that are quite impressive. Apparently you can also see the drive shaft and prop as well, but I did not see either on my dive there.

There shape of the ship can be made out when the viz is good, and on occasions it can be 100feet plus. The flattened skeletal remains of the hull are easy to see, and near the boilers, someone has pulled all the pipes out of the boilers leaving a jumbled mess.

Very little fish life here, but there were plenty of star fish. Did not notice much in the way of sponge life either as the broken reef it sits on is pretty barren rock.