Annie M. Miller

Location: Diamond Bay Sydney
State: NSW
Date Sank: 1929
Vessel Type: Collier
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 45mtrs
Average Depth: 43mtrs
Average Visibility: 12mtrs
Diver Qualification: Extended Range
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: GPS - 33.52.08 S - 151.17.87 E
Wreck Description: Yet another '60 miler' that sank around Sydney. The Annie M was steaming to Sydney from shellharbour when she sank taking 6 of the crew with her. Whilst the wreck has broken up the boiler and engine support a large number of fish. Due to the location pelagic fish are often seen around the wreck. The wreck has been snagged by trawlers a number of times, and there remains a large amount of netting around the engine and boiler.