Location: 4 nautical miles from Keeper Reef off Townsville
State: QLD
Date Sank: 1985
Vessel Type: Fishing Trawler
Construction Material: Steel and Timber
Max Depth: 56
Average Depth: 54
Average Visibility: 15
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: The wreck is 4 nautical miles North of Keeper Reef on the Great Barrier Reef. It can be accessed by boat on good days and on high tide. However no charter boates will go to this wreck because of the degree of training needed to dive it.
Wreck Description: She is a 15meter fishing trawler lying upwright on a hard sandy bottom with booms out. When conditions and viz are good you can make out the wreck from around the 30 meter mark, however usually the wreck is no visible because of the massive amount of fish life that cover it. Partly draped in nets and with the tinny still on the roof this wreck is completely intact. On the outer edges of the wreck very large Grouper and sharks cruze along with Giant Trevally. Huge fish schools circle upwards out of site and the whole wreck is abuzz with life. She sank when her gear became fouled and turned over sinking in 7 minutes without loss of life. There are many deepwater upwells in this area and it is believed it was one of these upwells that snaged the running boards.The wreck is a spectacular dive and requires mixed gas to dive it safely along with a full tech kit. Usually the maxium bottom time is 12-15 minutes however we have spent 30 minutes at this depth with with a 9 stage deco. So take a good book and in the dry season use a semi dry suit, (even though you are in the tropics you still get cold on long hangs). However the deco obligation is worth it for such a spectacular dive, .....I have had 34 dives on the Yongala and consider the Elias "E" wreck is BETTER!