FV Linda Jane

Location: Gladstone
State: QLD
Date Sank: 1996
Vessel Type: Gulf Trawler
Construction Material: Timber
Max Depth: 35
Average Depth: 30
Average Visibility: 20
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Head North East from Port Curtis. The wreck is about 28 nm once out of the North Entrance and approximatly 10 nm East of Hummocky Isd. Contact the Gladstone dive group for GPS Marks and the best time to dive this wreck.
Wreck Description: The FV Linda Jane is a large Gulf Trawler of timber contruction which sank about 5 years ago. Do not know the reason for the sinking but she is sitting upright on sand in 35 mtrs of water fully intact. This is a awesome dive as good as or better than the Barcoola. Expect to see Large Qld Groper, large Red Emperor, large Red Jew, Turtles, sea snakes, eagle rays, Coral Trout, Lion Fish etc. etc. etc. Best time to dive is on a incoming neat tide or slack water.