Location: Breaksea Spit
State: QLD
Date Sank: 1992
Vessel Type: Trawler
Construction Material: Timber
Max Depth: 38
Average Depth: 34
Average Visibility: 25
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: GPS - 24 28 95 153 17 13
Wreck Description: The Amanda is a 52 ft trawler which hooked up and rolled over in the waters offshore from Breaksea Spit on the northern end of Fraser Island. She was found after a deliberate search by two vessels, Patricia M and Esperance Star, who, using side scan sonar, were to discover something quite unusual, the Amanda had in fact hooked up on another previously unknown wreck! The identity of the second wreck is unknown but the two can be dived in one go as they lie only about 60 metres apart and there is a trail of rubble that leads the diver between the two. The Amanda lies a long way from the nearest help so should only be dived by very experienced people, there is usually strong current and tiger sharks to contend with but if you can handle that its well worth the time it takes to get there.