Location: Brisbane
State: QLD
Date Sank: 1894
Vessel Type: Barque
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 20
Average Depth: 18
Average Visibility: 25
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Only accessible with a permit, contact the Qld Museum or dive with an operator who already has one. The permit comes with the GPS marks attached. GPS: 26 59.68s 153 28.54e
Wreck Description: The Aarhus sank in early 1894 after a 122 day sail from New York, carrying a cargo of kerosene, glassware, wire bails and alarm clocks. She was an iron Barque of around 50 metres in length and although not a lot remains of her hull structure, there is still plenty to keep you occupied for a few dives. Always heaps of life and after a big southeasterly blow, much of the original cargo can become exposed for a few days before filling back in. Its amazing to find 115 year old wooden crates still intact, still holding the glassware they were designed to protect. Not a bad job Id say !!!!!!!!!!!