Curtin Artificial Reef

Location: Brisbane
State: QLD
Max Depth: 22
Average Depth: 16
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Curtin Artificial Reef is located about 1.5 km's north of Cowan Cowan on Moreton Island, 800 meters from the beach. Located between the two white markers on the beach.
Wreck Description: Curtin Artificial Reef was formed by Frank Curtin during the last 30 years and now comprise over 20 wrecks including a Brisbane Tram spread out over approx 500m. The site is now inhabited with over 100 species of fish from the smallest up to the resident family of Queensland Groper. The area is heavily effected by tides but can be completed as a drift dive as the majority of boats are lined up in the direction of the currents. Best dived at slack water at High Tide. Visability ranges from 8 to 30m on a good day. A must see divesite in the brisbane area. With over 21 wrecks this artificial reef is a haven for pelagic fish life and the wreck enthusiast. penetration is available on most of the wrecks to qualified wreck divers.The wrecks consist of old barges, tugs, whale chasers, and trams. There are also alot of tyres, concrete pylons, and car bodies. New wrecks are being placed on the reef all the time so this reef makes for a fantastic dive.