Location: Bargara
State: QLD
Max Depth: 23
Average Depth: 21
Average Visibility: 8
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: The Site is accessable by boat, situated approximately 11 nautical miles East of Burnett Heads.
Wreck Description: The 'Barjon' was a 15 metre trawler which sank in 1986 following a fire which caused extensive damage. It would appear that further damage has been caused to the wreck and rumour has it that this may have been caused by divers salvaging lead from the keel. Descending on the wreck in clear water is a great experience as the sandy depression highlights the wreck in the centre of it and enhances the whole experience. The marine life that surrounds this site is incredible! The bottom consists of a flat sandy bottom with occasional patches of scattered sea grass in the general vicinity which then drops into a circular depression about 1 metre deep in which the wreck lies. This site is home to a wide variety of reef species such as butterfly fish, angel fish, banner fish, and large lion fish. Trevally and sweetlip continually circle the site along with kingfish, mackerel and barracuda. Visits by bull rays, manta rays and various species of shark can be expected. Site details supplied by Bargara Dive Centre - Bargara.