Beufort Bomber

Location: Bargara
State: QLD
Vessel Type: Aircraft
Max Depth: 22
Average Depth: 22
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: OK, gotta do this with a GPS as you are too far out to see the shore. Did it with a local dive shop.
Wreck Description: There are not that many places where you can dive on a plane wreck in Australia that is still in good condition, but you can here! The time travelling to this site is well worth it, the wreck is of a WWII Beufort Bomber that aparently went down when it ran out of fuel on it's way back to Bundaberg. The entire crew survived ok, even though they were around 9.5k's offshore. The Beaufort Bomber was used extensively by the Australian Air Force during World War II and this particular aircraft crashed after running out of fuel towards the end of the war. Fortunately no lives were lost, however a plaque commemorating the event has been attached to the wreckage and an other has been mounted on the foreshore at Bargara near the clock tower. Much of the wreckage has disintegrated over the years, however the local marine life remain loyal to the area and make this an excellent dive. The plane is resting on sand upside down with the wings still exposed and the undercarriage extended with wheels sticking up. The wreck is in great condition, or it was back in 1990 when we dived here. There are heaps of fish here, sea snakes and other interesting things to see. The local dive shiops have FADS in the water to bring in more fish. The day we did this dive it was raining so it was a bit darker than normal, however, we were checked out by a pod of dolphins while we surfaced. As far as I know, the plane still has it's guns on, but you cannot see them.The local Dive Shop, Bargara Dive, have informed me the plane has now collapsed, but aparently part of the undercarrage still sticks up. This site is residence to a wide variety of reef species and moray eels, however the frequent visits by the larger pelagics such as the giant trevally, barracuda, mackerel, kingfish, dolphins and sharks add to the excitement of this already spectacular dive. A visit by either bull rays or the occasional manta should be expected. Extra details supplied by Bargara Dive Centre - Bargara.