AV Ulonga

Location: Wirrinna
State: SA
Date Sank: 1976
Vessel Type: Motor Ketch
Construction Material: Steel / Timber
Max Depth: 39
Average Depth: 36
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Approx 18km off Wirinna Marina, straight out past the Hobart. Underwater Sports dive charter go there regularly. Due to conditions, and distance from shore, a fairly large boat with all the necessary safety equipment is required
Wreck Description: The Ulonga is the sister ship to the South Australian Liveaboard dive/fishing vessel, the Falie. She was originally a sailing ketch, was then converted to work on the River Murray, and then converted again, with an engine, to do short coastal freight runs. She was lost in a storm in 1976, and wasn't found again until approximately the year 2001. She lies in 39m to the sand, in an area PRONE to high currents. It can only be dived on days of dodge tides, or during slack water. Other things to look out for are entanglement on the myriad of anchors and fishing lines hooked on her bow, the ever present wobbegongs, and excess amounts of silt. Theres quite a bit to see on the wreck, including some rather large wobby's, crayfish, bullseyes, snapper, and heaps of other fish, as well as lots of growth on the hull and decks. There is an upturned car that was on the deck, but is now hanging from the starboard side, about midships. In the cargo hold, there are cattle crates, and plastic crates full of coke bottles, as well as various other cargo. Penetration is NOT recommended, due to the wobby that lives in the hall, and the tightness of the cabins, as well as lots of silt. All up, a great dive, well worth a look, but due to the depth and current, its definately for experienced divers only.