HMAS Hobart

Location: Fleurieu Peninsula
State: SA
Date Sank: 2002
Vessel Type: DDG Destroyer
Construction Material: Steel / Ali
Max Depth: 31
Average Depth: 20
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: 4nm West-South-West of Wirrinna Marina and Boat Ramp, there are 10 buoys marking the wreck's location
Wreck Description: The Ex-HMAS Hobart is a Charles F. Adams class Destroyer (DDG) which was scuttled on March 5th 2002 as an artificial reef and dive tourism destination. The site depth is 30 meters to the sand and the top is in 6meters, perfect for safety stops at the end of the dive. At 133meters long and 14meters wide, this is an absolutely huge ship and the only wreck of its kind in the world with an engine room open for diver access. There is more of this ship accessible to divers than other similar wrecks (Swan, Perth, Waikato, etc...). For me, some of the highlights include: the vertical swim down the funnels, from 6meters to 25meters, the engine room, a vertical swim down the rear rocket mount, the rudders and prop shafts, bridge and ops centre, the radar dish, galley, captains quarters and the list goes on. It is a photographers dream, with beds, toilets, mirrors, the laundry (AEUI attempt anyone?), captain's chairs, etc to allow for various poses for photo's. All this adds up to make for an absolutely magic few dives and you will still only just grasp the size of the vessel. At time of writing this, I have had 11 dives on her and am still finding new bits every dive. Definitely can't see it all in one or two dives. Things to consider when doing the dive, the current here can be horrendous. There have been divers who had their masks ripped off their face while doing safety stops at the funnel. Check the tides, and only dive on slack water, or days of dodge tide. There are lots of opportunities to penetrate the wreck, most of which is fairly safe, and open, but there are a few tight spots, and dead ends. Only dive to the limit of your abilities. If in doubt, stay out. The wreck is rated Open Water, because the decks and lots of the wreck are above 18 meters, but with the current, it makes it a lot more difficult. Further details, or for info on operators, accomodation etc, email me,