Location: North Haven
State: SA
Date Sank: 1907
Vessel Type: Barque
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 14
Average Depth: 15
Average Visibility: 7
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: The Norma is approx 4km's off Semaphore Beach near Port Adelaide, ask at the local dive shops for gps marks or better directions.
Wreck Description: The 2,122 tonne, 4 mast barque Norma is within easy access and is a reasonable dive, with some opportunity for creative photography on a good day. When she sank, her masts were just below the surface and caused a number of problems for other boats. Eventually, shipping authorities decided to blow her up to remove the danger to shipping. Now her remains are spread over quite a large area and apart from the stern section, it is very hard to recognise her as a wreck. Her remains are a maze of iron-work, floors, frames, plating, fittings and masts. Plenty of fishlife on this wreck, heaps of whiting and quite a few Wobbies as well. Just remember, this wreck is still in the shipping channel which is in use by some pretty big ships.