Althorpe Island

Location: Marion Bay, bottom of Yorke Peninsula
State: SA
Max Depth: 40
Average Depth: 15
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Launch from Marion Bay, or Pondalowie Bay, and its the big Island with the Lighthouse on top. The Island is a fair way out, so you need a decent size boat to get there. (see the dive boat listing in SA, on this website)
Wreck Description: There are more than 50 great dive sites around the Island, with lots of different things to look at. There are 20metre + walls, reefs, 3 wrecks, a couple of seal colonies, Lots of crayfish, and abalone (in season). Most dives, you will see seals, there are always big blue grouper, as well as schools of other fish. My favorite spot is a bommie that starts at 32m, and comes up to about 12metres, and is just teeming with Nannagui, Bullseyes, Blue Devils, Boarfish, etc. etc. etc., as well as being covered in sponges, gorgonias, and other soft corals. Amazing. (and it's also where i got a 4.3kg Crayfish... :-)