Location: Nord Bluff - Munro Bight / Cape Pillar
State: TAS
Max Depth: 42
Average Depth: 40
Average Visibility: 20
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Travel a LONG way from Pirates Bay with Eaglehawk Dive Centre. It is WELL worth the trip even if it is fairly punishing..... You will find out if you go... ;-)
Wreck Description: The day we dived the SS Nord was again clear but windy. We headed towards the "SS Nord" some 45 minutes down the coast south of Pirates Bay. This is a deep dive so twins and redundant systems are the order of the day. The trip down was wild with heavy seas, lots of water over the top of the boat and divers hanging on for grim death. No stops for Gary though! Down with the throttle and lets go, Go, GO! The seas tend to settle after you get around Cape Hauy and by the time you are anchored at the site there is hardly a ripple. We anchored right under the cliffs with only a couple of hundred meters to the cliff face. Depth is 42mts with a sandy bottom and the wreck lying roughly east-west. As we entered the water the first of our divers could be easily seen ascending the anchor line after their dive whilst others ahead of us on the shot line could be seen from 20mts and then there was the wreck. Fantastic! All laid out infront of you, it is totally awesome. Traversing the ship heading to the bow where the anchor still lay then a turn around and back along the ship to the stern where the only penetration would be possible but not advised due to the ship rusting and gradually collapsing inwards. Looking upwards we could just make out the surface and the other 3 divers heading up the line. Visibility was awesome. A slow ascent with a good long safety stop and the dive was over, all too soon. The trip home was much more pleasant as you tend to be riding the swells rather than punching through them and the talk of the dive echoed all the way.