Location: Ships graveyard Torquay
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1963
Vessel Type: Dredge
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 46
Average Depth: 43
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Dive Charter Boat
Wreck Description: This wreck rolled over when scuttled & rests upside down. Things you will see, flat bottom hull on decent, at the bow are two pipes pointing to the surface, go to the top & look down inside them to spot a big resident congo eel. Amidship starboard side are two huge cog gear wheels standing 2.5 m in height. Around the stern & just off the wreck are another set spoked wheels with axle. The stern half has colasped, but still can penetrate almost the entire wreck length insde her. Large boiler sits inside bow on portside. Plenty of exits all round make it great for night dives.