VHB 54

Location: Torquay
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1970
Vessel Type: hopper barge
Max Depth: 42
Average Depth: 38
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Go on a Charter Boat.
Wreck Description: This vessel was, what is termed a "Dumb Hopper Barge". The term "dumb" relates to the barge not being powered at all. The VHB54 was scuttled on 17 Dec 1970 in 43M of water out from Torquay in what is termed "The Ship's Graveyard" but is also the known as Commonwealth Dumping Area #3. The VHB54 is a sister vessel to the VHB 53, which was the last vessel scuttled in Area #3 on 19 Feb 1971. The VHB54 makes an interesting dive for divers moving into the "technical" arena as she is deeper than normal recreational limits. The top decking has rusted away leaving many of the support rails exposed. Of interest is the large "cogged" wheel on one side used for opening the doors that allows the spoils from dredging works to be dumped. The hull is still sitting upright on a sandy sea bed and divers are able to penetrate the hull, quite easily circumnavigating the whole interior and sides. Large tow cables are still draped over the remaining decking. The visibility can be reduced on this site and can range from 10-15M right down to pea-soup and even with good vis it tends to be a dark and mysterious dive.