SS Milora

Location: Ships graveyard Torquay
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1935
Vessel Type: screw steamer
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 42
Average Depth: 38
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Go on a Charter Boat.
Wreck Description: The SS Milora (3347-ton) was the first vessel scuttled in Commonwealth Area #3 during March 1935. The Milora had a colourful career with several accidents including running aground on Point Lonsdale Reef at Port Phillip Heads in September 1934. There is a road in Point Lonsdale near the site of the grounding that still bears the name of the Milora. After the refloating and then towing to Melbourne for inspection, she was deemed too expensive to repair. All items of value were stripped and she was scuttled in Area 3. She lays on the outskirts of "Graveyard" as the scuttling crew had overshot the marks and sank her 1 kilometre outside the boundary. The Milora can also be affected by poor visibility and it will take several dives before you are aware of what section of the vessel you are looking at. Apparently history suggests that the Milora was "plundered" for the remaining metals not deemed as being valuable enough to warrant removal prior to scuttling. During the '70s, the vessel had been "blown" to assist in the recovery and so is now quite broken up and distorted adding to the difficulty in determining what part of the vessel you are looking at. Just on the boundaries of the recreational limits depth wise, it makes a great site for experience deep divers and those moving into the "deco" and "technical" arenas to extend their experience.